At Landmark Dental Centre, we believe that a large part of giving our patients a good dental experience is utilizing innovations in dental equipment and services. Introducing digital technologies into our practice has brought about many exciting changes.


The Future Of Dentistry

Landmark Dental happens to have one of the first dental teams to introduce the TRIOS® scanner into the dental industry. Dr. Brent Corlazzoli has paved the way for other dentists alike who are interested in the TRIOS® scanner technique. He happens to be a clinical trainer and consultant for the TRIOS ® brand; he is often flown across the country to train other dentists and teams on how to use TRIOS®. The comprehensive understanding of TRIOS® that Dr. Brent Corlazzoli has allows him to communicate correctly amazing tips and tricks about TRIOS® to his whole dental team (and all of his patients).

We are happy to say that many of our current patients who have received a TRIOS® scan report back with positive feedback about the entire process. It’s found to be much easier and more thrilling than your average, gunky dental impressions.

What Is Trios®?

TRIOS® is a digital scanner that scans the inside of your mouth, taking almost 3000 pictures a second (as if it were shooting a video). It accurately and very precisely examines your mouth, providing an instant 3D, full-colour image on a touch screen for your dentist to see. The dentist can edit scans and easily re scan specific areas instead of starting over when initial results show unwanted details. You, the patient, can now see the shapes, colours, and conditions of your teeth in real-time. Once the digital scan is complete, it becomes a permanent record in your digital dental file! These scans can be used to create virtual mock-ups of your teeth that can be used for planning future work, such as Lumineers® Veneers.

What Is The Process Like?

We have fantastic news! The TRIOS® scanner process is incredibly quick, non-invasive, and easy to do. Say goodbye to discomfort, gagging and lengthy dental impressions thanks to TRIOS®. All we do is get you to open wide while we hold your cheeks and tongue out of the way so that we can perform a proper scan. Some patients even enjoy the treatment since you can watch the scan process take place right in front of your eyes; it’s like having a new form of entertainment at the dental office.

Why Do I Need A Trios® Scan?

Those who might need a TRIOS® scan could be in the process of considering dental implants, crowns, orthodontics, and more! TRIOS® becomes a helpful tool in treatment planning and offering the patient a faster treatment time; since the scan is digital and can be sent to labs across the world, the wait time for a visual mock-up or wax-up decreases immensely. However, if you are not in need of any dental or orthodontic treatments, a TRIOS® scan is also valuable for monitoring/watching a potential dental problem. It makes it easier for us to see what is going on in your mouth and identify what we might want to keep an eye on in the future.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate?

We are proud to say that the TRIOS® scanner is for everyone. No longer is it just an option for patients that have trouble with general impressions, but it is offered to a wide range of folk. Kids, adults and elderly can all benefit from its profound technology. In fact, in Dr. Corlazzoli’s experience, we’ve seen that it’s the kids who enjoy the scanner the most. The children get to sit and watch a scan being done in real-time, and some even find a wow factor in the fact that our scanner and screen has a similar look to a video game! TRIOS® is definitely an original and exciting technology that can make any dental appointment enjoyable.

Laser Dentistry

Dr. Corlazzoli can help you acquire a beautiful smile as well as ideal dental health through laser dentistry!

The future of dentistry has arrived. Lasers have been used successfully for years in a wide variety of medical treatments from laser eye surgery to cosmetic procedures. Now laser technology allows your dentist to work quicker, with increased precision, while offering you the ultimate in comfort.

Your Treatment With The KaVo Key 3 Laser

We can provide you with precise laser technology thanks to The KaVo key 3 Universal Laser. The Laser successfully treats cosmetic needs, as well as hygiene procedures such as tartar removal and periodontal treatments. Because of the maximum absorption of water, this laser is very efficient at cutting enamel, dentin (the surface under enamel) and treating soft tissue such as gum (gingival tissues), cold sores, cankers or, fibrous cysts. This laser is the only laser with "perio feedback" This means the laser only activates if tartar (calculus) is detected. The KaVo key 3 Laser has a sterilizing effect on the treated area. This decreases or eliminates post-operative discomfort as well as speeds up healing time. This leads to healthier and quicker tissue regeneration and an overall superior result.

KaVo Healozone

The use of ozone in dentistry is a new, exciting development and there's a lot of ongoing research. Healozone ™ is a device that creates ozone and directs it on to a decayed tooth. This kills the bacteria painlessly and quickly, with no drilling necessary.


It's a device that uses a laser beam to find tiny areas of tooth decay. This laser's wavelength makes the bacteria look fluorescent, which raises the numerical reading on the DIAGNOdent unit, exactly identifying the decayed areas.