Landmark Dental Grand Opening!

Landmark Dental - Kelowna Dental Office - Dr. Amanda Resener Cutout
Meet Dr. Amanda Resener
August 6, 2016
Landmark Dental - Kelowna Dentists - Landmark Technology Setup

Although the captivating and unique approach to Landmark Dental’s dentistry practice is enough to draw new patients in, their tranquil and welcoming attitude is what makes them stay.

New to the Landmark community, the Landmark Dental team is thrilled to be the newest dental practice in Kelowna, BC. But don’t let their unfamiliar territory fool you, no – these doctors have been around town for years. The two practices, Dr Brent Corlazzoli – working out of Lakeshore Dental and Gentle Dental, merged as one this year when Dr. Brent Corlazzoli was looking to expand his dental team. This became a collaborative opportunity between the dentists to bring an all-encompassing dental practice to the citizens of Kelowna; meaning you almost never have to leave your current dental clinic to fulfill all of your treatments.

Establishing a new niche of dentistry, Landmark Dental chose to focus on leading edge technology that will bring their patients advanced treatment planning and convenience. With Dr. Brent Corlazzoli’s background of owning a milling centre, Kastle Mills, which is now Argen Canada (a world leader in guiding and empowering dental labs in the digital workflow era), he can offer Landmark’s patients fast and easy digital impressions. What’s even better is that Dr. Brent Corlazzoli’s dentistry methods happen to go hand in hand with Dr. Pada and Dr. Salaberry’s treatment planning approach. All four doctors have over 10-20 years of dental practice under their belts, meaning you can feel calm and rest assured that you are in good care. And better yet, their certified dental assistants and hygienists have been with Dr. Brent Corlazzoli since 2000, making Landmark Dental an exceptionally skilled team.

Landmark Dental Centre will soon be announcing their Grand Opening in the spring of 2016!  It will be an open house where both their patients and other dentists can come and explore the peaceful state of their biomimicry inspired clinic. They hope to showcase, to current and potential clients, how using influence from nature into current day technologies can enhance your life. One of the most exciting features they are proud to introduce into their clinic is their living wall. And if you don’t know what a living wall is, they encourage you to come by and check it (and it’s natural benefits) out.

Lastly, which is perhaps the best part of their newly merged practice, is their convenient location. Being situated in the heart of Kelowna’s Landmark Centre, they are readily available for your convenience. In fact, they aim to be a favourable practice to those who work busy and/or long hours. With fantastic parking availability, easy appointments, and their plan to lengthen their hours (from 7AM-7PM), you will never need to go anywhere else for your dental needs. They are always welcoming new patients and they look forward to seeing your warm smiles walk through their doors. It goes without saying that Landmark strives to make everyone they treat feel comfortable in a warm caring environment.

So, what are you waiting for? Swing by the Landmark Dental Centre to see the new office and to discuss your dental needs. It all starts with a smile…