An Emergency Dental Appointment

We will do any necessary diagnostic tests possible, which may include x-rays or photographs. If a referral to a specialist in our community is required we will work on your behalf to have you see them as soon as possible.

For situations that require a lengthier procedure, or a series of appointments to fully treat the problem, we will aim to relieve the immediate pain or concern to achieve comfort until we can give you the time required for proper care.

It is important to realize that having your dental work done on an emergency basis only is not ideal. After your problem area has been addressed we encourage emergency patients to come in for a comprehensive new patient exam. It is always better to stay on top of your dental care than tending to issues on an emergency basis.

What Occurs During An Emergency Visit

With a call to the office, we will do our very best to see you as soon as possible

  • Typically we will have you in and ask you a series of questions that will help us treat your problem; is the area hot-sensitive or cold-sensitive, are you taking any medication to control the pain, etc. Then we will usually take an x-ray of the area.

  • From there the doctor will diagnose the issue and we will treat it as soon as we can. Sometimes something as simple as a filling is needed.

  • In other cases, a lengthier procedure such as a root canal may be required. In this case, we may need to have a series of appointments to fully treat the problem. However, on the day you are in to see us initially we may be able to start the root canal process or prescribe an antibiotic to get you comfortable and then have you back to finish the process.

Whom Do I Call If The Office Is Closed?

In the case that you are experiencing a dental emergency out of office hours, please call our office and follow the steps when prompted by our message system in order for your call to be forwarded to our "On-Call Emergency Team".

In general, a fee applies when the dentist and dental team must come to the office specifically to see you for an emergency out of office hours.

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