In certain cases the dentist may recommend an oral sedative prior to your dental procedure. Oral sedatives are pills that are taken prior to your dental appointment that have a calming and relaxing effect.

Oral Sedatives

There are different types of oral sedatives, but the most common ones are the benzodiazepines. When used appropriately they are safe and effective.

If you and the dentist decide that you would benefit from oral sedation a prescription will be made especially for you. Please arrange to have someone else drive you and pick you up from your appointment. You should not plan to return to work or school after your procedure as you may continue to feel tired.

We also offer oral sedation for young children. The strawberry flavoured liquid (Midazolam) is administered in our office 30 minutes prior to the scheduled treatment time. This will leave the child sleepy, and most children will sleep for a few hours once returning home, then wake well rested and happy. It is not for all children, and if behaviour may be an issue, sedation will be offered before we refer the child to a pedodontist.

Your comfort is always our top priority.

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