Smile!! The denture you have received is meant to be a replacement for your missing teeth, and to assist you in keeping your oral cavity in good health. It will restore support to the jaw, increase your chewing ability, and improve your appearance.

There are certain points which should be called to your attention to assist you in adjusting to your new denture and taking care of it, if your mouth is to remain healthy.

Do not try to eat with your new dentures until they are comfortable in your mouth at rest, and for the first few meals, eat soft foods. As you gain confidence you can advance to a normal diet. It will take time before you can eat foods that your natural teeth could manage easily. These foods may now require more preparation with your knife and fork before chewing.

As you will notice, the dentures cover up areas of your mouth not normally covered. This can alter the tissues lining your mouth unless you take steps to stimulate these tissues.

  • Keep your mouth and the dentures meticulously clean. Leave your dentures out of your mouth for at least four hours every day. It is best to leave them out at night.
  • After eating, wash the dentures with soap and water, but always avoid very hot water and scrub all surfaces with a soft hand brush or a specially designed denture toothbrush.
  • To protect the colour do not use bleaching products or any denture cleaners that have bleach in them. For additional cleaning or for occasional longer soaking, we recommend using white vinegar which cleans while protecting the color tones. Us a 1:1 water and white vinegar mix. Soak the denture in the solution for approximately 15 minutes. Occasionally for stubborn stains leave your denture overnight in a cold solution of water and vinegar.
  • Avoid abrasives, these will remove the polish of the dentures and allow stains to collect more readily.
  • When not in your mouth, your dentures should be kept in water to avoid distortion or drying.
  • To clean and stimulate the mouth, use a medium toothbrush at least once a day on all tissues covered by your dentures. Like natural teeth a plaque like substance forms on your dentures and can cause damage to your mouth if it is not removed at least once a day by brushing.

As we mentioned, your mouth is an ever changing environment and unfortunately, we cannot make dentures that will follow these changes. Consequently, your dentures will need alterations from time to time to keep up with the changing shape of your mouth and gums. You should have the bite and fit checked at least every six months, because frequently the changes occur so slowly that you are not aware of the developing problems. A well fitting denture can be an aid to health, a poorly fitting denture can, possibly, be destructive. Minor bite alterations and relining will be necessary to prolong their useful life. Never attempt to adjust the dentures yourself.

Sore spots: These minor irritations are very common with new dentures or dentures which have recently been relined. Be patient – adjustments to the fit and bite are to be expected. When a sore spot occurs, leave the dentures out of your mouth and put them back into your mouth three hours before you come back for an adjustment. By wearing the denture before your appointment, you can show us more accurately what is the causing of the problem. Please do not attempt to adjust the denture yourself.
Gagging: This is rarely a problem and, if it occurs, frequently it passes quite quickly. If the problems persist, contact our office.
Talking: You will probably notice awkwardness at first, especially with certain words. With practice, you will quickly adapt. Reading aloud to yourself can speed up this adaptation.

Come into the office to have your mouth checked at least twice a year. As a living organ, the mouth supporting a lifeless denture needs regular skilled attention. We will place your name on our recall schedule so you should see us every six months. If you do not hear from us, please phone, it is very important for your health that you do not allow changes to occur unnoticed.