Earth Day: Making Your Dental Routine Green

We LOVE our planet, which is why we are doing our part each day at Landmark Dental Centre to preserve and better the environment and lessen our footprint along the way.
This is how we make your dental routine green and how we celebrate Earth Day every day!


Paperless Charting

Landmark Dental Centre has dedicated the past two years to transition to being paperless! Often, medical practices rely on paper charts and forms for their patients; however, our team uses iPads and digital medical systems to collect all of the information important to you and our dental team.

3D Digital Impressions Reduces Waste in Landfills

Doctors are always looking for ways to save—save teeth, save patients time, save money. What about saving the environment? Without even realizing it, dentistry has a huge impact in the Earth: plastic impression trays pile up in landfills, paper charting can use up to 10,000 pieces of paper a year. The overarching solution is to switch to digital solutions, e.g., digital scanning instead of using impression material, digital charting instead of paper files. Today, in honor of Earth Day, we’ll take closer look at one such digital solution that can decrease dentistry’s footprint on the environment—intraoral scanning.

Let’s compare some of the aspects of the traditional impression workflow with using an intraoral scanner and how each affects the environment:

Reduced Use of Disposable Plastic Bags for Hygiene Products

For years, dental patient’s have been sent on their way after their hygiene appointments with a little plastic disposable bag filled with hygiene products in hand – which would eventually find its way to the trash can.

We have made efforts to minimize our use of the one-time-use bags by offering patients the choice of carrying out their oral-health-aids in hand or their own bags. Also, for hygiene items bought within the office, such as mouthwashes, toothpaste, and electric toothbrushes, we no longer offer a plastic bag for carry-out. Instead, we ask if patients are comfortable carrying their products by hand or offer a reusable tie-up bag.

Each Canadian goes through approximately 200 single-use plastic bags a year. They don’t break down in landfill sites and they’re incredibly difficult to recycle.

We are doing our part to reduce our footprint. With this in mind, next time you go somewhere where you might buy something or need to carry something, bring along a reusable bag and the earth will thank you!

Three Living Walls Within Our Office

Why we LOVE our Living Green Walls and why you might too!
Improved air quality. Living green walls are natural air-filters, creating a cleaner, more invigorating work environment that will lead to better overall employee health and production. Officer workers are often exposed to air toxins in their work environment such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, VOCs, and benzene. Living green walls metabolize harmful toxins while releasing oxygen into the workplace air, much like office plants but on a much larger scale.

Energy cost reduction. The Living Green Walls function to cool the air in the warmer summer months by a process known as “evapotranspiration.” The winter months see the added advantage of building insulation thus reducing energy costs for heating the building.

Added Bonus? Our Living Green Walls are beautiful to look at throughout the workday – always reminding us how much we appreciate nature!